It can be challenging to have someone else come into your home on a regular basis and care for your child. This free online resource was designed to assist you in searching out a respite worker that is a good fit with your family, and compiling information they need to best support your child and how you can help provide training.

Module Outline:

  • Section 1: Your Child's Unique Personality
  • Section 2: Recruiting and Interviewing a Respite Care Provider
  • Section 3: Orientation with Your Respite Provider
  • Section 4: Keeping Things Safe
  • Section 5: Training Your Worker to Communicate with Your Child
  • Section 6: Keeping the Relationship Going
  • Section 7: Modifying Activities for Your Child
  • Section 8: Helpful Resources
  • Section 9: Summary

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the unique characteristics of your child to a respite care provider
  • Prepare a binder and written profile of how ASD affects your child
  • Create an interview form with questions for a respite care provider
  • Describe methods of ongoing communication with a respite worker
  • Identify safety tips
  • Outline methods to keep the respite care relationship going

Respite Training Portal - Respite Workers, Autism and Your Child: A Parent's Module