To enhance the support to family caregivers Family Respite Services launched an internationally known program for Windsor/Essex County called “Respitality”. Respite + Hospitality = RESPITALITY

Respitality is another way for family caregivers to have a short break or period of respite while at the same time, helping to rebuild the hospitality and selfcare sector across Windsor and Essex County.  Respitality is a way for creative partnerships to develop to support families.

Respitality exists in several countries across the world to provide care for unpaid caregivers. Windsor and Essex County are now part of the Global Respitality Network because of three local funders’ investments for the upcoming year.  In addition to the benefit for the parent caregivers, this program will invest in, work collaboratively and contribute to the recovery of our local hospitality industry. Examples of this kind of collaboration internationally have helped to create widespread recognition, pride, and loyalty for participating hospitality partners. Family Respite is looking to collaborate with businesses in the community to be able to offer overnight stays for caregivers, gift cards for restaurants, and passes for self-care experiences like yoga, a session at a spa, activity-related outings like golf or dance, or family activities.  These are just a few examples of what Respitality can look like for parents caring for children with disabilities. 

On Wednesday, February 15th, 2023 Family Respite Services launched the “Respitality Program” in partnership with three local funders:  Caesars Windsor Cares, The Class Action Fund held at the WindsorEssex Community Foundation, and Bluewater Pools and Spas. The Respitality Pilot Program will operate for one year with these partners, with a goal to continue to build the program for years to come.   We can’t thank each of the investors enough for their support for families in our community, their response to the important need for respite.

Family Respite Services’ goal is to develop partnerships and opportunities for funding and contributions to purchase and receive vouchers and gift cards from hotels and bed and breakfast locations, restaurants, and self-care businesses and events to provide a short respite break for parents caring for children with disabilities. 

Research tells us that respite is important and necessary for everyone, especially for people caring for loved ones with extraordinary needs. Having a short break for the caregiver to take care of themselves is important for their health and the relationship of everyone in the family.  Frequently, caregivers experience financial burdens as they must work fewer hours to maintain appointments and care for their son or daughter or not work at all.  Research concerning the impact of caring for someone with specialized needs shows that family caregivers may experience many issues affecting their quality of life, health, and well-being.

Respitality provides support for caregivers who experience extraordinary challenges in their parenting role.  The goal is for Caregivers to experience a well-deserved break in a welcoming and comfortable environment through overnight stays at Hotels and Resorts, dinners out, memberships, and attractions in their community.  All of these are experiences that allow for added quality of life. This program is provided, free of charge to caregivers that are part of Family Respite Services as resources permit. 

Benefits to Caregivers
•    Focuses on the benefits of self-care.
•    Addresses barriers to receiving a needed break from caregiving.
•    Encourages self-care as part of a healthy regimen to build resiliency.
•    Able to share the experience with a guest of your choice.
•    Connections in the community are developed.
•    Feeling of support from others in the community.

Are you able to invest in this respite need in our community?
Your donation to Respitality is a direct investment in Caregivers’ resiliency. 
By donating $50 you are providing one Respitality experience for a caregiver.
By donating $250 you are providing an overnight stay for one caregiver.
If you are a business and want to get involved please connect with us at

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