What special respite care services are available for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ?

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services provides a limited amount of funding for communities to provide respite care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  These funds are alocatted each year.  They can be used for in home respite, out of home respite, paying for special camp fees or strengthening or developing special respite programs for children with ASD.

Family Respite Services administers these funds on behalf of the Windsor Essex area, in collaboration with other service providers.

Typically, families complete an application form and funds are designated on a yearly basis.  The amount of funding received by the family will depend on resources available.

How the funding is used:

  • Families may choose to have Family Respite Services administer these funds.  In these situations, FRS works with the family to recruit a respite care provider to provide the respite service.  The respite care may be in the family's home or in the community.
  • Families may administer the funds themselves, contracting with a respite provider themselves, submitting invoices to FRS according to the agreement developed with FRS.
  • Families may purchase services out of their designated funding through other agencies such as Community Living Essex, Maryvale or Community Living Windsor.
  • Families may develop a plan for their child to attend a day camp with supports provided through Family Respite Services.

Training and Support for for Respite Care providers:

Family Respite Services, in partnership with Autism Ontario and Safeguards Training, has developed an online resource course for people who are providing respite care for children and youth with ASD.  This can be accessed through Safeguards Training for a nominal fee.

FRS, through this same partnership also developed a handbook to assist parents to assist them in the process of contracting with a respite care provider, providing support and training to their worker and developing tools to assist with caring for their child with ASD.  This handbook can be obtained through FRS.  An on line course is also available through Safeguards for parents.