Stephanie Locke - Honoured Respite Provider

Respite provider since- 2004 (10 years!!!)
Field of Study: Child and Youth Work - St. Clair College, 2006
BA (Honours Psychology) - University of Windsor, 2012
Masters of Social Work - University of Windsor, 2014

1.  How did you get interested in working with kids?

Wesley Sims - Honoured Respite Provider

Provider Since- 2011
Area of Study: Psychology

1.  How did you become interested in working with kids?

I grew up in an environment in which many of my friends and an immediate family member worked with people through various organizations. This allowed me to see and hear about the differences a person can make in the life of a child, and their family. That was my hook! From this point on my life choices began to reflect my interest in helping others.


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