Direct Support Workers Newsletter Jan 2015

It soon will be eight years since I became a wheelchair user. Sitting down, rather than standing up, changed my world in so many ways.  But, I’ll bet, not in the ways that you might think or predict. The aspects of having a disability that involve mobility – I’ve got that down, no problem, I know how to get around. In fact, when the wheelchairs, both of them, were introduced to me, I was taught how to best push the manual and how to mount a curb without falling over in the power chair.

Our Time Program with Andrew Banar

The kids had a fantastic day at the Our Time with a special visit from Andrew Banner from “Group Hug Apparel”.  Andrew and his mother Karen generously donated Gingerbread Houses to the children to decorate and brought a large stuffed animal for each child from Andrew’s “Helping Sick Kids” Teddy Bear Campaign.  Andrew and Karen helped the kids make their creations and also joined us for a swim!  The kids were thrilled to make each of their very own Gingerbread Houses, Gingerbread Trains, and Gingerbread Villages and they were so proud to take them home to show their families!


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