Managing your support funding

  • Help for families who are engaging someone to support their son/daughter/sister/brother
  • Tips for determining employment status, recruitment, interviewing, screening and contracting

Table of Contents:

3 Managing Your Funding- An Introduction
4 What is Direct Support - Roles, Responsibilities, Alternate Titles
5 What Does It Mean To Administer The Funds Yourself? Employment Status- Independent Contractor Or Employee?
6 What is The Difference Between Self-Employed Or Employee?
7 Canada Revenue Agency Guidelines For Employer Responsibilities
8 Option 1- Purchasing The Services Of A Self-Employed Contractor
9 Developing a Contract Agreement Letter With a Self-Employed Contractor Paying Your Self-Employed Contractor
10 Option 2- Employing Someone as a Direct Support Provider
11 Finding The Right Person To Provide Support- The Process
12 Developing a Description of What You Want the Person To Do
13 Advertising- Developing an Ad, Where To Advertise Resources To Help You Find A Person
14 Choosing The Best Person- What is Important To You? Considerations and Qualities to Think About
15 Meeting and Interviewing
16 Ensuring a Presence of the Person Being Supported
17 You’ve Chosen Someone- What Do You Need To Do Before Finalizing Your Decision?
18 Forms You Will Need
19 Ensuring Success- Getting Started, Orientation
20 Providing Feedback, Reviewing The Service Relationship
21 If There Is A Problem- Addressing Issues, Ending The Contract
22 – 31 Sample forms

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